EA-USA is a small Tube Amp and Speaker Cabinet Shop that specifically makes  products that are built in tradition of the 1966-1976 era of pro audio with high performance in mind.

Loud thunder pro audio with tour grade road worthy reliability built to perform
night after night.

Old Schoo,l Military Grade, Turret Board, Point to Point Tube Amps.
Various EL34 and KT88 Tube Amps and oversized high output
Pro Audio Speaker Cabs.

Everyone involved at Electric Amp, USA uses this gear and has decades
of experience performing, servicing & designing tube amps and speaker cabs.

Together we have joined knowledge to provide the best Pro Audio
Equipment Hand Made Custom for You.

Electric Amp Equipment is hand made custom in the USA.
Each Amp Unit and Speaker Cabinet is made custom per order,
per your specific innovation.

If you are on this site, your senses have guided you to the most
serious gear for your guitar or bass rig.

The last 15 years have been a journey and quest for ultimate tone,
volume and reliability from amps and cabs.  ELECTRIC AMP Innovations
is the visceral result that materialized from this quest.

It is Your Sound, Your amp,  and Your Freedom of  Choice.

ELECTRIC AMP is High Grade Performance Pro Audio's Pursuit for Excellence.

Set your computer monitor at 800X600 and view the large
images on www.electricamp.com

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