ELECTRIC AMP 4X15  or 4-10/2x15 CABINET


DIMENSIONS: 51.5" X 16" X 29"
[same size as our 8-10]
Rear Mounted Eminence  Speakers
Stainless Steel Speaker Mounting Hardware
Steel Screw Baffle Mounting with lock down
Speakers are divided into sets by sound shelf.
Hi Quality Finished Birch 12 Lam Plywood

TILT and DRIVE....., PARK, Plug and Play LOUD with Electric Amp Pro Audio Speaker Cabinets.

             Solid Maple  Wood Skids on the back of cabinet for roadie convenience.
2 metal Input jack plates with metal Switchcraft input Jacks.

Hi Quality Steel screws and washers for back panel.

Audio Divide seperates the 2 sets of speakers @ 8ohm.
Insulated cabinet shell, with rear baffle mounted speakers.  ELECTRIC Cabinets are Alpha Tested, Designed and Made in production to deliver MONDO volume levels with added audio cabinet TONE.

                                  WHAT COLOR DO YOU WANT?
                   RED - GREEN - BLUE - WHITE - ORANGE - PURPLE - BLACK

Maple Skis on the bottom with recessed USA Steel mounting screws.

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